1 - It's Low Cost
Podcasting doesn't cost much in time or actual dollars compared to other forms of marketing.  Google or Facebook ads will definitely pick your pocket to get any traction, and adding video to the mix (as with a Youtube channel) just means countless more hours recording and editing (and more technology to get comfortable with).

With just a little training and know-how, you can completely launch your podcast for under $200 in most cases, and maintain it's "on the air" status with a hosting site for around $10/month or less!

2 - Build an Audience
Whether you have an audience already or you're just starting out, you can build and grow your audience with the personal connection through podcasting.  Podcasting works better than a blog for connection because hearing your voice is what makes it feel personal.   

You also have fewer things to compete with for attention in the world of podcasting.  Most podcasts are listened to on the commute, at the gym, or on a walk or run.  Unlike Youtube videos or blogs, which demand you look at a screen that has about a thousand other things on it trying to steal your attention.  Podcasts cement a stronger connection to your audience.

3 - Position Yourself as an Authority
As with your connection to your audience, Podcasts beat out youtube and blogs for your ability to get deep in the weeds with your content.  The average podcast length is about an hour long.  When's the last time you spent an hour reading a single blog article or watching a youtube video?  Podcast listeners listen to podcasts from 15 minutes to 2 hours every week. 

With this freedom to get deep into a topic, you'll position yourself as an authority in your niche, and continue to cultivate a deep connection with your audience.

4 - Repeat Touchpoint
Just as someone might subscribe to an e-mail newsletter, Podcast listeners subscribe to podcasts, which makes your podcast automatically delivered to your audience's devices!  Meaning you'll stay top of mind.  Unlike an e-mail newsletter, however, Podcasts aren't competing for your audience's time and attention with everything else in their inbox.  With all the work and personal e-mails and cat memes flying around, your audience might have e-mail fatigue by the time they see your e-mail newsletter and just decide to skip this one, and they might decide to skip it every week until they unsubscribe!

5 - It's Easy & Fun!
Most Podcasts are fairly casual in tone, and though you'll do some prep work to make sure you deliver value, you don't need to spend extra time editing and proofreading your long blog article, you don't have to get camera ready, and make sure the lighting is just right for your youtube video either.  Once you're set-up, you can just plug in your microphone and hit record.  Some of the most popular podcast formats are off-the-cuff people just talking and being authentic.  This takes the least prep time of all.  Plus you get to essentially have your own radio show!  what can be more fun than that?

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