Podcasting doesn't cost much.  In fact the most expensive part is probably going to be your microphone set up, but it doesn't have to be all that expensive!  


Yes, it's important to record on something better than your laptop microphone or your headset.   Those are fine for facetiming with friends, but not great for broadcast quality audio.  But you don't need to be like top notch radio & recording stations and get $1,000 microphones either!  In fact, I wouldn't recommend putting that much money into your podcast until you're really successful and just want the fancy toy for yourself.  When it comes down to audio quality for a podcast that's goin to be consumed as an MP3 anyway, I just honestly don't see the point in spending that much.  


So here's two microphones I'd recommend that will do the job well, and plug directly into your computer without the need for getting an expensive audio interface!  Why only 2?  Because they are the only 2 USB mics I personally have, and use!   So I can speak to their quality and ease of use!

1 - SUDOTACK Professional Studio Cardioid Condenser Microphone
I personally use this mic for recording on the go, and also to let guests on my podcast use if they don't have a mic.  The price is right, and the set up is easy.  Here's a video of me using it here, so you can hear for yourself!


Pros:  Easy set up, includes tabletop mic stand and Pop Filter

Cons:  Made in China, so the instructions aren't the best english, but they are understandable



2 - Blue Snowflake
This is a neat little guy.  It's super compact for on the go recording, which is great if you need a traveling set up.  I personally use this one, but it's not my go-to as I just don't think it sounds quite as good as the condenser mic above. But, I mention it because if portability is the name of your game, this definitely sounds good quality and you can't beat the small size and easy setup.  Here's a video of me using it so you can hear what it sounds like:










Pros:  Super easy set up, Super compact and portable

Cons:  Not the best mic stand for getting the mic close to your mouth                       for better sound quality




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